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Map of Sumatra, Indonesia

Adventure, Smoldering Volcanoes and Diversity 

The vast island of Sumatra sits in the Straits of Makassar, the maritime passageway to and from East Asia. With its relatively sparse population, stunning mountainous terrain and a fascinating melting pot of cultures, Sumatra is an explorer’s paradise. The island is home to the devout Muslims of Aceh in the north, the colorful Batak tribe of Bukittinggi and the matriarchal Minangkabau with their distinctive architecture and social structure. On the Mentawai islands, the indigenous tribes cling to their unique semi-nomadic traditions. The landscape of Sumatra is defined by eons of volcanic and seismic activity - ancient Lake Toba, the world’s largest crater lake and the island of Samosir that lies within, offer an idyllic lakeside escape. For the more energetic - trekking opportunities abound at nearby Mount Sinabung and Mount Sibayak or visit Gunung Leuser National Park - the last bastion of the endangered Sumatran Orangutan. Raft and hike through the park to see these beautiful creatures and other intriguing wildlife. 

Make it Memorable - Surf the big break at Krui on the southern coast - Learn to cook a deliciously spicy rendang (beef curry) - Hunt for the giant rafflesia flower - Climb a smoldering volcano for a panoramic sunrise - Try kopi luwak (coffee made from beans ingested by civet cats) - Spot orangutans in the wild in Gunung Leuser National Park - Snorkel the turquoise waters of Pulau Weh -


Sumatra Indonesia Toba Lake
Sumatra Indonesia Toba Lake
Sumatra Indonesia Toba Lake

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