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Although much less visited that its popular neighbour, Bali, the laid-back island of Lombok is slowly becoming a tourist destination in its own right. The culture is a unique blend of the indigenous Muslim Sasak people with Balinese Hindu and Arabic influences, as well as animism, which is evident in special ceremonies and dances. The interior landscape of Lombok is dominated by rugged forests and the towering Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia (at 3726 metres). For those who are up for a (serious) challenge, reaching the summit of Mount Rinjani is rewarded by spectacular views of the surrounding islands. Fringed by pristine, white sandy beaches and an impressive underwater world, Lombok has much to offer in the way of surfing, snorkeling, and diving. Three tiny islands, Gili Trewangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, off the northwest coast of Lombok lure travellers who are keen to laze on beautiful beaches and snorkel the nearby coral reefs. 

Make it Memorable - Circumnavigate Gili Trawangan by foot, bicycle or in a horse-drawn cart -Watch the sun set over magnificent Mount Agung in Bali - Shop for pearls - Snorkel the reefs around the Gilis and come face to face with elegant sea turtles - Surf the massive surf break in southern Lombok - Buy beautiful Lombok terracotta pottery or woven textiles - Climb Mount Rinjani and experience the exhilarating views - or trek the forested lower slopes of the volcano -


Lombok Travel and Tours
Lombok Travel and Tours
Lombok Travel and Tours

Lovely Little Lombok

£ 765/person

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The Rhythem of the Islands

£ 1.575/person

12 Days: Highlights - Snorkel, dive, surf, sunbathe and relax on a wonderful beach holiday that takes...


Dynasty Duo

£ 995/person

14 Days: Highlights - Active fun, nature, culture and a tropical island getaway - this tour has...


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