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Map of Kalimantan, Indonesia

Orangutans, Rainforests and Dayak Tribes

Kalimantan takes up a major part (77%) of the large island of Borneo and has approximately 12 million people scattered across its vast area.  With its diverse landscape of mountains, lowland jungle, river deltas, mangrove forest and idyllic uninhabited islands, Kalimantan remains one of the last true wildernesses of the world. Because tourism infrastructure is largely undeveloped, a visit to the exotic rainforests, rivers and reefs of Kalimantan is an unforgettable adventure for the intrepid traveller. The dense forests are rich in biodiversity - this is the home of the gentle Orangutan as well as many other remarkable creatures such as the pygmy elephant, gibbons, flying lemurs, sun bears, leopards, snakes, hornbills and parrots. The indigenous Dayak people (with over 200 different sub-groups) mainly inhabit the interior of Kalimantan. Learn about their rich and fascinating history, traditions and culture. For divers, a visit to the Derawan Islands in the Sulawesi Sea off eastern Kalimantan gives  “diving in a tropical aquarium” a new meaning.

Make it Memorable - Take a riverboat (klotok) trip though the Tanjung Puting National Park - Be awed by an encounter with the magnificent and endangered Orangutan - Spot proboscis monkeys, gibbons and jewel-coloured butterflies - Visit a Dayak long house and learn about the customs and traditions of the Dayak people - Take an early morning trip to the floating market - Watch turtles lay their eggs under a full moon on Derawan Island -


Borneo Kalimantan Travel and Tours
Borneo Kalimantan Travel and Tours
Borneo Kalimantan Travel and Tours

Winding down the jungle river

£ 985/person

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Mangroves & Apes

£ 385/person

4 Days: Highlights - Imagine a national park located on one of the last jungle islands in...


Gentle & Fuming Giants

£ 2.125/person

14 Days: Highlights - A tour that has brought together a number of the natural treasures of...


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