Java Accommodation

Below you can find a handpicked selection of hotels, resorts and villas we recommend for the island of Java.  


Jiwo at Dusk

Aman Jiwo Resort

Located & overlook at one of the most scenic parts of the country: Borobudur temple (world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary & UNESCO World Heritage Site). Aman Jiwo (peaceful soul) seems want to equate the temple in it architectural extravagance. Rests within a natural amphitheatre; Hills rise up behind and no less than four volcanoes grace the...

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Java Banana Lodge

The Java Banana hotel can be found on an altitude of 2000 meter in the town Wonotoro. In itself this town is not that know or even interesting but it is one of the few the gateways to the famous Bromo volcano. The boutique hotel Java Banana is by many considered to be the best...

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fas 150

Kampung Sampireun Resort and Spa

Located not even that far away from the cities of Jakarta and Bandung Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa is a completly different world. Found on an altitude of over a 1000 metres above sea level the air is fresh and nature is green. It is a great get-away from the hustle and bustle of the...

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kura resort

Kura Kura Resort

Imagine an island set in the middle of a tropical archipelago uninhatited except for an upscale resort called Kura Kura. Meaning turtles the resort was build on the relatively small Menjawakan island which is part of the Karimunjawa Marine Park. The entire marnine park consists of 27 pristine islands all surrounded by coralgardens and fringed...

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Mesastila Resort

A perfect getaway from your busy daily life. Place where you can forget about the pollution, noise, crowds, deadlines, stress, etc. This Dutch colonial designed retreat, surround by eight mountains in isolated fifty-five acres of gardens, coffee plantation and tropical jungle and their award winning hammam spa, where steam bathing combines functionality with decadent cleansing...

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Borobudur View

Plataran Borobudur Resort and Spa

Plataran Borobudur is a boutique resort located, as the name implies, close to the Borobudur temple. In fact the resort has a large wooden patio from where you can actually see the temple sticking out of the jungle around it pan your view more to the left and you can see the active Merapi volcano....

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main building

The Dharmawangsa Hotel

Located in the central area of Jakarta you can find the luxury boutique hotel Dharamawangsa. Named after a famous king that reigned the region around the year 1000. When staying at the hotel you can learn all about this royal. The hotel offers 100 gracefully designed rooms can be devided into one of five themes...

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The Phoenix Hotel

Located in the centre of Yogyakarta The Phoenix is a colonial landmark dating back to the early 1900’s. This chique hotel has 144 elegant rooms and suites all designed in a mix between colonial European and local Javanese. The rooms are devided in Superior, Deluxe and Executive categories with the biggest  difference being the size...

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