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Located at the very heart of Indonesia - geographically, economically and culturally - Java is the archipelago’s most populous island with more than 120 million inhabitants. Here one is never far from the madding crowd! Even though Java teems with cities and people it is more than just this  - experience its rich artistic history, a medley of cultural influences, and its fertile and dramatic volcanic landscape, beaches and surf. Once you leave the chaotic cosmopolitan capital, Jakarta head for any number of destinations. Visit the famous Anak Krakatau volcano – or catch a wave at one of Ujung Kulon National Park’s world-renowned surf breaks. Visit Yogyakarta, considered the artistic hub of Java – here you can experience traditional batik making, the music of a gamelan orchestra and be entranced by a shadow puppet theatre performance (Wayang Kulit). Must-dos include a visit to the beautiful Buddhist temple of Borobudur and the sprawling Hindu temple, Prambanan. Volcanoes are dotted throughout Java – hike Mt Bromo or the sulphurous Mt Ijen in east Java for an extraordinary experience. 

Make it Memorable - Sip a morning coffee brewed from Arabica beans grown in the plantations of Central Java - Savour a delicious Soto Ayam - Learn to love chili! - Experience the mystical landscape of the Dieng Plateau - Watch the daybreak from the majestic Borobudur Temple - Learn the delicate art of batik - Take a cool walk through the tea plantations - Climb Mount Bromo to catch one of the world’s iconic sunrises -


Java Travel and Tours
Java Travel and Tours
Java Travel and Tours

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