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Volcanoes, Dragons and World-Class Diving

For those with an adventurous spirit don’t miss the island of Flores and the stunning Komodo National Park. Named “flowers” by the Portuguese in the 16th century, Flores lies in the eastern part of Indonesia. Stretching more than 500 kilometers from east to west the landscape is dominated by lush valleys and cone-shaped volcanoes, interspersed by fresh-green rice fields, crystal clear lakes and tumbling waterfalls. Catholicism predominates but exists alongside the animist traditions of several indigenous tribes. The port town of Labuan Bajo, on the west of Flores is the jump-off point for visiting the amazing Komodo National Park, home to the famous Komodo Dragon. Experience excellent diving and snorkeling amongst the colourful coral reefs and the manta rays, dolphins and sharks that are common in this underwater wonderland. 

Make it Memorable - Head inland and get a feel for traditional life in the cool and refreshing town of Ruteng - Visit the Ngada people in Bajawa - Watch a stunning sunset ? Star gaze the big night skies - Wonder at the tri–coloured lakes of Kelimutu - Snorkel amid schools of rainbow-coloured reef fish - Hike on Rinca or Komodo Island and spot a Komodo Dragon or two! -


Flores Travel and Tours
Flores Travel and Tours
Flores Travel and Tours

Once upon a time...

£ 1.230/person

11 Days: Highlights - A voyage of discovery through the pristine beauty of the Komodo National Park...


Dragons & White waves

£ : On Request

10 Days: Highlights - Adventure on the high seas of eastern Indonesia - Island hop from Flores...


Cruising the fine lines

£ 2.625/person

12 Days: Highlights - Luxury, adventure and breathtaking nature - Journey through the remote, stunning islands of...


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