31/07 Let's Learn a bit Indonesian Phrases

Bahasa Indonesia is relatively simple and by using a few phrases or sentences, you’ll be more appreciated and respected. You can find Indonesian phrase books in good book shops.

But these few pointers below can help. Try slipping a few of them in daily conversations and ask whether you get it right. It’ll be a great ice-breaker.


Bahasa Indonesia

How do you do ? Apa kabar?
Good Morning Selamat Pagi
Good Afternoon Selamat Siang
Goodbye Selamat Tinggal
Fine Baik
Welcome Selamat Datang


Personal Pronoun & Title

I Saya
You Kamu/ Anda
We Kami
He/ She Ia/ Dia (both are genderless)
They Mereka
Mr. Tuan
Miss Nona
Mrs Nyonya


Can you help me? Dapatkah Anda membantu/ menolong saya?
How do I get there? Bagaimana cara untuk kesana?
How far? Seberapa jauh?
How long will it make? Seberapa lama?
How much (Price)? Berapa harganya?
What is this/ that? Apa ini/ itu?
What is your name? Siapa nama Anda?
When? Kapan?
Where? Di mana?
Why? Kenapa/ mengapa?



Go up Naik
Go down Turun
Turn Berputar
Right Kanan
Left Kiri
Front Depan
Behind Belakang
North Utara
South Selatan
East Timur
West Barat


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31/07 Let's Learn a bit Indonesian Phrases

Bahasa Indonesia is relatively simple and by using a few phrases or...
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