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Romantic Indonesia  - Make Your Dreams Come True 

Indonesia is the perfect destination for a memorable, romantic honeymoon experience. Enjoy idyllic landscapes and beaches, discover luxurious hotels, immerse yourself in the culture and spice it up with a touch of adventure. 

Try these top honeymoon experiences: The ultimate honeymoon destination, Bali has a choice of accommodation ranging from charming villas to luxury resorts. Experience mystical temples, lush, luminous rice paddies, beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets. Get active - enjoy hiking, cycling, snorkeling, diving and surfing. Pamper yourselves with indulgent spa treatments and enjoy a wealth of excellent dining experiences. Other Indonesian islands also have much to offer  - at Kura Kura Resort in Karimunjawa, a small tropical island off the north coast of Java, swim and dive in crystal clear waters, and relax afterwards on a pristine white sandy beach. Cruise the waters of Komodo National Park onboard a luxurious wooden “pinisi” sailboat. Explore the jungles of Kalimantan by boat and encounter the magnificent orangutan. Luxuriate in a unique resort on Moyo Island off Sumba.   

Relaxed, romantic, adventurous, luxurious  - let Nusadinusa make your dreams come true and help you to create an unforgettable personalised, honeymoon experience in Indonesia – a “world of islands”.  


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Inspiring Sensations

£ 2.440/person

14 Days: Highlights – Be inspired by the enchanting cultural and natural attractions of Bali and Java...


The Rhythem of the Islands

£ 1.575/person

12 Days: Highlights - Snorkel, dive, surf, sunbathe and relax on a wonderful beach holiday that takes...


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