We had an AMAZING holiday! - Tanzi & Ben

Hi Julie,

We had an AMAZING holiday! Thank you so much for you all you help in organising it and suggesting tours, etc. 

Here's my feedback:

1. Please tell us about your pre-trip experience: For example, Itinerary planning, Communication, Responsiveness, Knowledge, Adherence to Budget. What can we do to improve your trip planning and booking experience? 

The pre-trip experience was fantastic It was a pretty rushed process with us only booking it two weeks before our departure, and Julie you were great with getting back to me and suggesting alterations to our itinerary. The budgeting worked really well within what we were able to pay and you took on board the suggestions which we gave you about what we were and were not interested in doing. The only thing which made it difficult was not being able to pay by credit card. I hope that you are able to set up credit card payments in future 

2. Accommodation: Did the accommodation meet expectations? Highlights/ recommendations? Any other comments about your accommodation/hotels? 

The accommodation was all excellent. Deli River was particularly good, with the staff being extremely friendly and helpful. We really enjoyed our short stays there and would have liked to be able to stay a bit longer. 

The honeymoon suite at the Jungle Inn was a real treat. I'd recommend it to any couples - they are beautiful rooms with several windows opening up into the valley. There were monkeys swinging in the vines outside the bathroom window while I was in the shower. What an experience!

3. Transport, Drivers, Guides: Any comments? 

We loved Armando. He was so friendly, professional, and also comfortable to be around. He was a fantastic tour guide as well as a driver, and gave us lots of information about the places which we visited and the culture in North Sumatra. He also has excellent knowledge of the area so he was able to stop at some great restaurants and sights and provide us with experiences which we would have missed on our own. We absolutely recommend Armando to anyone travelling in North Sumatra. 

All of our tour guides were excellent. We feel really lucky. Lenny Sinaga in Samosir (who took us on the walking/bike tour) was great. We really enjoyed our day with him, he was really knowledgeable and friendly and happy to talk to us about life on the island. The walking tour itself is a fantastic experience, I would recommend that to anyone visiting Samosir. 

The jungle trek guide, Soogar (I don't know how to spell this) was also excellent. He went out of his way to make sure we had a great experience, and we loved the time we spent in the jungle and with the orangutans. We also privately booked Soogar to take us on the river rafting which was great fun - we did this the morning after the trek. 

Our tour guide for the volcano was also great. I think his name was Gilan. He was really friendly and fun, and the walk down the volcano was a fantastic experience too. 

4. Activities: Did these live up to expectations,  what activities would you recommend the most, where could there be improvement? 

See above. We absolutely recommend the jungle trek in the national park, and the walking and bicycle tour on Samosir Island. These were both very memorable days. 

5. Overall: What were the highlights of your trip? Where could improvements be made? Would you recommend Nusadinusa to your friends and family?

I have indeed been recommending Nusadinusa to everyone. 

Having Armando as such a great guide was a real highlight. It made the whole trip easy and enjoyable. It was great that it was a personalised tour. I have never done anything like that before, and it meant that we had the freedom to go where we wanted to without having to wait for fellow tourists. 

Samosir island was a real highlight. I would recommend spending more than two nights there. We were sad to leave to soon after arriving. I would also recommend spending at least two nights in the jungle inn. 

There was too much driving in the time we spent there. Julie suggested that there may be too much in our busy schedule. If possible, it would be preferable to slow the whole tour down a bit. However, given that we only had those six days to tour North Sumatra, in hindsight we wouldn't make any changes to our whirlwind tour. We loved it, it was such an amazing experience, and we wouldn't give up any of our experiences to reduce the amount of driving which we did. We did feel bad for poor Armando who was actually responsible for the driving! He did it all in good spirits and we really appreciate it!

Thank you Julie so much for organising such an amazing tour for us. It is a memory which we will hold dear forever. 

Hopefully I will be able to book another holiday with you one day. 

Warm regards,

Tanzi (and Ben)


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