The best family holiday we've had. It was great - Thomazin family

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Hi Julie

Please find our feedback below.

1. Please tell us about your pre-trip experience: For example, Itinerary planning, Communication, Responsiveness, Knowledge, Adherence to Budget. What can we do to improve your trip planning and booking experience? 

The planning worked well. We discussed what we wanted with several organisations and chose Nusadinusa, because you demonstrated that you were listening to what we were trying to do. Equally you didn't hold back from disagreeing with a change we suggested, which gave us confidence in your guidance in general.

The payment method was unusual and not ideal, but not a big issue in the context of the whole pre-trip experience.

2. Accommodation: Did the accommodation meet expectations? Was it family friendly? Highlights/ recommendations? Any other comments about your accommodation/hotels? 

All the accommodation was good, some better than others. As a family of 5, with younger children, we did have that additional challenge. It all worked, but only because we had a grown up daughter, who shared a room with the little ones. Without her, Helen and I would have needed to split up and share with one of the children in several places (Ubud, Menjangan, Sambangan and the last night in Gili Air all had physically separate rooms up to 30 yards apart).

Jimbaran: Connecting rooms ideal for the family, Comfortable hotel, good pool, service fine, nothing special, good location for eating fish on the beach.

Ubud: Hotel a bit tired looking (we had to move rooms, because aircon had packed up in one), further from the centre than we imagined, but bus/taxis were ok, and probably quieter as a result. Food there (we only actually ate breakfast there) was pretty basic compared to most places (coffee from a vending machine!).

Menjangan:Particularly good in terms of rooms, pool, service and food - and location. The best place we stayed.

Sambangan: Great location. Outrageously fab room for the children, garden shed for Helen and I. Service was friendly. 

Amed: Good spot on the beach, all in one unit, which was good. The combination of parties, cockerels and the calls to prayer meant that whoever slept upstairs had a rough night. With one exception, the staff were pretty miserable - in contrast to everywhere else.

Gili Air: Not up to the standard of the other hotels, but pretty good. Location was fine. Rooms compact, but ok, and all in the same room for two of the nights. Management and service was odd - we had to move rooms as you know and they had to be asked to move our bags to the new rooms and again on the last day when we were leaving being pragmatic we did move all of our bags out to the road on the last day as there were no offers of help forthcoming. No mosquito net was provided for the extra bed in the children's room (either in the family bungalow or when we had two separate rooms) and they seems surprised (not in a good way) to be asked to find a solution to hanging an extra one; which given that the area is known to be Malarial was not good. 

3. Transport, Drivers, Guides: Any comments? 

Guide was idiosyncratic - his commentary on Bali life and society was interesting, though sometimes hard to take at face value. However, he was solicitous, to the children particularly, and very helpful. If we said, for example, we wanted to go to a local market to buy local rice, or to see where coffee was grown, soon after that's where we were - keen to please.

Driver was great - friendly, helpful and a good driver.

4. Activities: Did these live up to expectations, were they all suitable for your family, what activities would you recommend the most, where could there be improvement? 

The activities worked very well for us - especially the children. White Water Rafting, Elephant ride, Treetop and Snorkelling were the highlights - all great experiences and suitable for the family. The dancing at Jimbaran was also good. The temples were ok, but whether it was the place or the guide, not that memorable. We also organised seeing the dolphins at Lovina. Fortunately our boat was one of the first out and we saw quite a few in the first 20 minutes and that made the trip fine. After that there were 70+ boats chasing round the sea for an hour before giving up and going home - just absurd. We also organised  a snorkelling trip in Gili because we really wanted to see a turtle - it was good because we did see one, but otherwise the snorkelling off the beach was better.

5. Overall: What were the highlights of your trip? Where could improvements be made? Would you recommend Nusadinusa to your friends and family?

The best family holiday we've had. It was great. I've given feedback which includes criticisms here and there, but none of that stopped us having a great time.

We'd recommend you based on our experience.

Peter Thomazin


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