The hotels were AMAZING! - Henk and Corné

Please tell us about your pre-trip experience: For example, Itinerary planning, Communication, Responsiveness, Knowledge and Adherence to Budget. What can we do to improve your trip planning and booking experience?


The pre-trip experience was as exciting as the trip itself. Looking at all the locations on the internet and dreaming about the real deal. The e-mail contact all went pretty smooth and everybody we had contact with was fast with their replies, answers and suggestions.

Finally after some e-mails back and forth we got the schedule together with the vouchers, plane and boat tickets. In one word amazing, the pre-trip experience was perfect so to say.


Accommodation: Did the accommodation meet expectations? Highlights/ recommendations? Any other comments about your accommodation/hotels? Transport, Drivers, Guides: Any comments? 


We went to Java, Bali and Lombok and visited 8 different locations. So a lot of stuff could go wrong, but no, everything was perfect. All the drivers, guides were on time to pick us up. All was very nice. Also no problems at all upon check-in at hotels and with the boat trip from Bali to Lombok. The hotels were AMAZING with our top 3 being the Tugu hotel on Lombok, number two Komaneka at Bisma in Ubud and number 3 the Majapahit in Surabaya. All other hotels were fantastic as well, no complaints at all but these 3 were amazing. The food, the rooms, the hospitality, the pools, all FANTASTIC. The drivers were friendly, as I mentioned, well on time and the guides told us a lot of nice stories and showed us some pretty locations.


Activities: Did these live up to expectations, what activities would you recommend the most?


The activities were well balanced between days on the beach or near the swimming pool. So we had some sun days and then some activities. For me the highlight was the jungle buggy ride. A bit dusty but that’s part of the deal. I loved it. Also the walks along the rice fields were nice. The green colours were stunning. It was my first time in Indonesia so everything was new. I liked the temples, the jungle walks, the waterfalls actually the nature in general. But my number one was the jungle ride. During the ride we went to a volcanic lake, did a jungle walk and visited a coffee plantation. There was lunch during the day, we stopped by at the house of some locals who gave us passion fruit to eat, fresher than fresh. And at the end of the day there was a fantastic dinner on a terrace with an amazing view.


Overall: What were the highlights of your trip? Where could improvements be made? Would you recommend Nusadinusa to your friends and family?


We surely will recommend Nusadinusa to as many people as possible. It was a wonderful trip. Everything went very smooth. The hotels were amazing, no problems whatsoever. Our guide Wayan was very nice and good. Her Dutch was perfect and she had fun doing her work. Driver Gusman is a hero as well. He was spot on being on time. Friendly and knew his way around. Being at the Tugu hotel was our highlight. The location was perfect, as was the villa we stayed in. The restaurant was very good and the beach was white, quiet and close to the hotel. We surely will come back soon and book our trip via 

Will recommend it to everybody.


Thnx to Gerald and Omar for everything, from Henk and Corné  


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