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Indonesia – the Ultimate Adventure 

Explore and experience the best that Indonesia has to offer: Adventure. Walk dense rainforests, climb volcanoes, swim with manta rays or get to know one of the many tribes in the archipelago. We will help you satisfy every need for adventure and embrace every moment of your Indonesian journey. 

Try these top adventures: Experience the dense rainforests of Kalimantan – meet Orang Utan from up close. See if you can make it up to the summit of Mount Rinjani peaking at 3,726 metres. Get your feet wet, grab a snorkel and have manta rays welcome you to Komodo national park. When you are looking for an adrenalin adventure; Bali is the island to visit. Go wave surfing on the grand waves of the south, go rafting on one of the wild rivers or take a seat in a buggy, go off road and race through the fruit and spice plantations around Munduk.  

Take a look at the Nusadinusa itineraries or let us create a personalised, unforgettable, luxurious Indonesian experience for you.  



The Oriental Jaunt

£ 5.655/person

14 Days: Highlights – A fantastic escape for those looking to experience stylish, deluxe accommodation while exploring...


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