Kura Kura Resort

Imagine an island set in the middle of a tropical archipelago uninhatited except for an upscale resort called Kura Kura. Meaning turtles the resort was build on the relatively small Menjawakan island which is part of the Karimunjawa Marine Park. The entire marnine park consists of 27 pristine islands all surrounded by coralgardens and fringed with white sanded beach, something by many considered as a small paradise on earth. Kura Kura resort features 21 villas spread out providing a lot of privacy. The villas are all set amongst the palm trees providing shade and a tropical atmosphere. The Pool villas are 320 square meters in size and have been designed with the full respect for nature in mind. The design is a blend of contemporary and elegant style paying the utmost attention to detail. The villa have their own private pool which is a great place to relax and unwind. Recently the resort has build a brand new restaurant and bar in one. The restaurant serves the best local dishes with the highest recommendation to the freshly caught fish prepared in a Mediterranean style. As mentioned before all the island in the Karimunjawa Marine park feature coral reefs and Menjawakan is no exception. Kura Kura resort has its own professional dive centre helping you to explore the underwater world. The latest feature of Kura Kura is a Robinson Crusoe experience staying on the tiny uninhatied island about a half hour away from Menjawakan. A simple but lovely room and lounge have been constructed here giving you the opportunty to find out what it feels to be a have a tropical island all to yourself. Something any honeymoon couple dreams about.

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